Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mobile Security: Myths and Facts

Mobile security is one of the serious issues for every mobile owner today. In the mobile driven world, people do lots many activities on their mobile phone from surfing the web, to making online payment. Even they keep their personal data on their cell phone memory chip. In this case, mobile security is vital. Without a proper security system for mobile based devices, relying much on phone can be dangerous. One can become the victim of data theft. 

Nowadays, there are many mobile anti-virus software and apps claiming total security of the mobile device. Are those software and apps really useful in securing your device? Is purchasing such security program by paying a huge sum or downloading a reputable free security program is worth? Are those programs going to keep mobile devices and personal information safe? These are really important questions need to be answered. 

In actual, there are many myths associated with mobile security. Most of the people believe that the security program that is installed on a home computer can also be installed on a cell phone or tablet PC and such software will protect their cell phone from viruses and other threats. Some users believe that security software made for one mobile operating system can be used on another device running on a different mobile operating system, which is untrue. Security app for a particular mobile OS is intended to protect the device running on that particular operating system only. So, people should remain conscious while selecting mobile security app for their device to ensure full protection of device and data stores on it. 

These days, making companies PC security application have started making mobile security software. It is to be clear that these two types of software are entirely different, and not interchangeable. However, some people mistakenly take them as one and try scanning the mobile devices using PC security software through USB and take that the device is now free from threats and junks.

 Mobile security software is designed with a specific mobile operating system in mind. A security program made specifically for one operating system cannot be used on another.
Other big myth about mobile security is associated with infection. Still, a large section of mobile users do not believe that devices can get infected and the infection can spread to all application installed in the phone. In reality, malware can easily infect cell phones and other mobile devices. Even the phone can be infected through computer using a portable memory storage device than it is to use the same potable memory storage device to spread an infection from one mobile device to another. Viruses and malware can enter phone though PC and even via Bluetooth pairing. 

So, it is wise to select a security application smartly made for the particular operating system on which your smartphone is running. In this age, when your phone is the nerve of your life, it is vital to ensure security of your phone. 


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