Monday, 31 March 2014

Moto G lost connection and SIM card issue after KitKat upgrade

Moto G users are facing some serious problem of lost connection and SIM slot issue after upgrading the device to Android KitKat. There have been frequent cases of call drops.

 Even I am using Moto G and happily upgraded it to KItKat. Initially, I was happy but one fateful day I was scared seeing my phone's reaction. I called somebody and I was unable to hear ring caller tune and any voice. After few seconds, I received a call and I was unable to hear the voice of the other party. I felt distraught. I used SMS for communication for few hours. I got the idea of rebooting the phone and it started working. I was once again happy but again after some hours I faced same issue. It became constant. It was disappointing to reboot phone every time to make a call. Receiving a call seems a day-dream as I was unable to hear anything.

Finally, I did factory rest. And it is working great :) No more call drop, no more lost connection.

How to fix Moto G lost connection issue? 

If you are also facing the same issue with your Moto G, Please go for "Factory Reset". It will work.