Friday, 27 April 2012

Apple iPad 3 is all set to launch in India - a whizz-bang gadget

The new Apple iPad (iPad 3), which was launched on March 16 this year, is all set to arrive in India. Apple Inc has announced that the much whizz-bang gadget will be surfaced in India on April 27, 2012. 

The Running on A5X processor, the iPad 3 will come with a new display with 2048x1536p resolution. The new avatar of ipad 5 megapixel rear camera, a back-illuminated sensor, a 5 element lens called iSight and a front camera named Facetime camera. The impressive camera allows users to shoot videos in high definition (HD)
Let’s go through the specs of Apple iPad 3:
Operating System
iOS 5.1
Dual-core 1GHz Cortex-A9
Quad-core graphics
5MP main cam, VGA front cam, HD video recording 1080p@30fps

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0
Expected price of iPad 3 in India: Rs. 30,500

Laptop Pointing Device

A pointing device is an input interface, which allows users to enter data in laptop. There are mainly two types of pointing devices for laptop – pointing stick (joystick) and touchpad.

Pointing stick (Joystick)
It is lever moving in all direction to control curser movement. It is embedded in mid of the keyboard in between the "G", "H" and "B" keys.  It operates by sensing applied force by using a pair of resistive strain gauges. 

It is a rectangular pad placed below the space bar of the keyboard. It is just like mouse. Touch pad helps in moving the cursor. 

A touchpad can vary in size depending on the brand and model of the laptop. Some touchpads have buttons for left and right clicking, while others do not. Some of the touchpads come with onscreen scrolling and other specialized movements. It was created as a substitute for an external mouse and mouse pad. 

Real-time traffic updates on Nokia Maps app

Yes, Nokia users can now get real-time traffic updates and avoid traffic mess. Nokia has launched a free real-time traffic updates services for its Nokia Maps app. However, the service is available is live only in Mumbai and Delhi. Nokia alleges that it has covered 1,500 km of roads across the two cities to provide traffic condition. Users residing in other cities have to wait for a while to get the benefits of real-time updates service. The update is highly useful for its users.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Five Feature-Rich Touch Phones in Affordable Budget

Spice Mi-270
Android v2.2 (Froyo), 416MHz processor, 256 MB RAM
2MP camera
2.8 inch display
Bluetooth, GPRS, Wi-Fi, WAP
Price – Rs. 3399

Samsung Champ 2
2MP camera
2.4 inch touch display
GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP
Instant messaging, social networking
Price – Rs. 3332
Nokia Touch & Type C2-02
2MP camera
2.6 inch display, physical keyboard
GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP, Adobe Flash Lite, Java
Instant messaging, social networking
Price – Rs. 3365
LG Cookie Duo
Dual-SIM, 2.8 inch display
2MP camera
Wi-Fi, WAP, Bluetooth, GPRS, Java
Instant messaging, email support, social networking
Price – Rs. 4519

Micromax Gravity X600
3.2 inch display, Accelerometer sensor
GPRS, Bluetooth, Java, WAP
2MP camera
Price – Rs. 2449

Monday, 2 April 2012

Disk Partitioning

It is the process of dividing the storage space of a hard disk drive into multiple storage units. Each separate storage space is called partition. After partition, one can use one physical disk as multiple disks. A partition editor program is used for creating, deleting or modifying partitions. The procedures are specific to operating systems

Benefits of disk partition:
Helps in formatting disk conveniently: If you have separate disk for separate data type, you need not copy the data extensively, if you need to format a drive since relevant data resides in another partition. One can just format the disk which is malfunctioning. 

High level of security: If there is a virus attack or malware attack in one single disk, they will not spread to other disks. Also, users can quickly scan/format the infected storage area and protect the whole system from virus/malware. 

Keep data organized: By partitioning disk drive, one can keep data organized. There is separate drive for specific data group. So, one can keep all data in a very organized manner.
Easy back-up: If back-up is required for any reason, you don’t need to make back-up of whole disk. Just take back-up of the drive, in which important data is kept. 

Detriments of disk partition:
Slow movement of data: It takes longer time to move data from one partition to another as compared to time taken in moving data in the same partition.  

Loss of space: There is loss of some space with every partition. So, it is not advisable to make many partitions.