Friday, 27 April 2012

Laptop Pointing Device

A pointing device is an input interface, which allows users to enter data in laptop. There are mainly two types of pointing devices for laptop – pointing stick (joystick) and touchpad.

Pointing stick (Joystick)
It is lever moving in all direction to control curser movement. It is embedded in mid of the keyboard in between the "G", "H" and "B" keys.  It operates by sensing applied force by using a pair of resistive strain gauges. 

It is a rectangular pad placed below the space bar of the keyboard. It is just like mouse. Touch pad helps in moving the cursor. 

A touchpad can vary in size depending on the brand and model of the laptop. Some touchpads have buttons for left and right clicking, while others do not. Some of the touchpads come with onscreen scrolling and other specialized movements. It was created as a substitute for an external mouse and mouse pad. 

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