Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Android preferred over iOS

A recent survey revealed that Android operating system is trending high. It managed to steal the ‘top spot’ from iOS by a considerable amount in Q4 last year. Android, the Google's mobile OS has become a popular choice amongst newcomers to the smartphone market. New users opted for an Android-based phone rather than an iPhone. The survey indicated that 57% of first-time buyers preferred Android, 34% joined hand with Apple and 9% tried hands with other smartphone operating systems.

First time buyers put extensive thought in deciding best smartphone. The report indicates that the plethora of form factors, flexibility of using innumerable applications, and multiple brand options are making Android winner.

Now my question is - Which mobile OS do you think is best suited for newcomers to the world of smartphone and why?


  1. Hat's for Android for being most preferred over iOS.

  2. Gone are they days of Apple...Android rocks!!!! I love my Android micromax phone....

  3. Android phone are grate use...love andoid


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