Thursday, 2 February 2012

Make VoIP call with your mobile phone – Skype

If you have a mobile phone, which supports Internet protocol via 3G or Wi-Fi, you can make VoIP call from your mobile phone.

Here’s how:
Ø  Download the Skype application
Ø  Set-up your Skype ID and log in
Ø  Get started

You can make voice call with another Skype users for free. You can add people who are on Skype. You can search them by their email address or Skype name. You just need to tap “call phone” tab. A call will be made and you can talk for free.

You can also call a mobile phone number from the Skype. You need to buy a plan to make call to a number. Skype offers plans at very reasonable pricing.


  1. The Skype offers you to make a VOiP call with your mobile phone. So that by using the Skype in your mobile phone you can utilize your mobile for your work. Skype work based on the Voice Oriented Protocol(VOiP). By using it you can also take advantage of that.

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  2. I use spkye on my iphone and all international calls connect in a second and voice quality is quite good.
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