Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nokia 700 Features - Symbian Belle can bring difference

Nokia has launched its new baby, the Nokia 700 with Symbian Belle OS with Nokia ClearBlack display and many other features at a very competitive pricing. Will the new Nokia’s baby survive or lost in the huge market of smartphone? Let’s find out the features and highlights of Nokia 700.

Look Matters:
When we take a look of new Nokia 700, we get to conclude that Nokia has not worked much on the personality of the device. It is not unusual. Nokia doesn’t pay heed to the look and feel aspects. Most of the devices of Nokia are dull and similar in appearance. Nokia 700 is pretty much simpler. The edges are coned with curved top and bottom lines. The device is compact in every dimension with nice metal touch. The good thing however, it is a sleek and light phone with only 9.7mm thickness and 96gm weight, respectively.

The most exciting feature of the phone is its HD screen with AMLOED and ClearBlack technology, which demonstrates great legibility even in sunlight. ClearBlack display offers 160 degree viewing angle.

Features that can bring Nokia 700 in crowd:
The new Symbian Belle OS in the phone gives it six customizable home screens to personalize the device in a way you want. Each homescreen has its individual wallpaper.

1GHz CPU and 512 MB RAM for smooth performance of multiple applications.
5MP camera and LED flash.

With dedicated shutter key, lock button, and volume rocker, it is easy to operate the phone.
The phone has universal 3.5mm audio jack.

Things that can pull it away:
Small screen: Most of the smartphones are coming with bigger screen. A standard 3.5 inch display is now acceptable by users. Nokia 700 has 3.2 inch display.

Fixed focus is not impressive. Autofocus is a must have feature of a good camera phone.

Lack of full Flash support in the browser can be a leg-pulling.

Limited availability of 3rd party apps in Ovi Store is a major drawback. Today’s users expect to access more than thousands of apps as in Android Market.

There is no preloaded app for editing office document.

Most of the phones are now providing hot-swappable microSD slot. Nokia 700 does not have hot-swappable microSD slot. The phone needs to booted each time to when the memory card is taken out.

Lack of TV-out.

Symbian Belle with big innovation can make difference
In the race of Android OS, iOS, and BlackBerry OS, Nokia is behind in term of operating system. But the new Symbian Belle with great innovation can make difference. It has lot many things to offer to users. Auto-orientation of homescreen, pull-down status bar, fresh 
widgets, and more can quench the smartphone lovers. 

Nokia 700 is winner if the software is big thing and is a looser if looks matter. Look is not bad, just it is not fresh.


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