Friday, 2 December 2011

Indian MPs to get hi-tech with iPad

Aiming to make the office paperless and the members tech-savvy, the Lok Sabha secretariat has sanctioned Rs.50, 000 for each member to buy an iPad. MPs can buy either Apple iPads or Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Lok Sabha Secretary General T.K. Vishwanathan said, “We are encouraging MPs to use iPads. This would save a lot of paper.”

Daily notices, e-mails, questions and answers and details of house proceedings are printed on paper. The availability of iPad will reduce the use of paper. MPs can check out information in digital format using iPads.

The secretariat is also planning to make selective areas of the Lok Sabha Wi-Fi-enabled to let the members make good use of the iPads. The upper house of parliament, the Rajya Sabha, is already Wi-Fi-enabled in parts.

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