Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to Click Good Photographs with Your Phone CAMERA?

There is no exaggeration in saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words". So, people want to capture picture and share with friends and family to convey their stories and feelings rather than quoting a long story. Pictures are better than words in expressing your emotions. But no one can carry a camera all the time to capture those moments. However, a phone camera is always with you. You can click photos and share with your near ones. But the images captured by a phone camera is not that good due to bad camera quality, long shutter speed, lack of autofocus, and other camera defects. But once you know some photography rules and phone camera ethics, you can click good images with your phone camera.  

Following tips will let you click good images with your phone camera:

Good lighting condition: You should click in good lighting condition. Light the subject to get good photographs. Better is the lighting condition, clearer is the image. If your camera phone has autofocus, you will be able to click good images. So, prefer camera phone with focus light if you love photography. 

Get close to your subject and avoid using zoom: Get closer to your subject instead of using zoom. Digital zoom will decrease the quality of the image. Also zooming decreases aperture size and thus results in bad quality image. 

Don’t move your hand, keep still: Keep still and avoid blurred images. The shutter speed in camera phone is long and suffers from shutter lag. Therefore, you should keep still and avoid blurring of the image. 

Experiment with camera features: You should experiment with different camera features in your phone camera. If there is White Balance mode then you should experiment with it to balance the color in your image according to present shooting condition. If your camera phone has scene modes, then experiment with it. Change the scenes while clicking images according to the present scene to get better picture. 

Use Autofocus mode: You should use autofocus to focus the image automatically. 

Set camera resolution for your camera phone: You should use the highest resolution of your phone to get better images. The image size should also be set to the largest possible size. 

Take care of your lens: You should be very careful about your phone camera lens. Lens should be clean to click good images. Avoid it from getting scratched and dirty. 

Use your hand as lens hood: Whenever you feel that light is unnecessarily striking your camera lens then use your hand as lens hood to stop the light entering in the camera lens. 

Move your phone camera when clicking moving object: You should move your camera when clicking a moving subject to capture better image and avoid blurring of the image.

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