Wednesday, 27 July 2011

All about Camera Phone !!!

Convergence has become rule of today’s world. No long, a phone is just a phone. It is a camera, a MP3 player, a gaming device, a notepad, a mini computer, and so on. Camera has become one of the very popular handy gadgets these days. One need to capture images at any point of time and at this point a phone camera is very useful. A person cannot carry a CAMERA all the time and phone being a part of life always remains with people. So, everybody wants to have a good “Camera Phone” to capture beautiful moments.
But built-in camera in a phone does not make it a “Camera Phone”. A phone that actually clicks very clear images is “Camera Phone”. The quality of a camera phone depends on camera sensor, megapixels, lens size, lens quality and other camera components. 

 A megapixel (MP) is not only the parameter to decide the camera quality. Mobile phone manufacturers are using MP as marketing trick for the camera phone, but actually they are misleading consumers. Image sensors and lens quality also affects the optics and images captured. Autofocus is also big player when we talk of camera quality. Without autofocus, image can easily get blurred if the targeted image is close or far away as the object is not focused. 

One major defect in phone camera is long shutter speed. The shutter of the camera remains open for longer time and then sense the image and captures it. The object actually can move or the photographer can move the camera which results into distorted image. It is actually the time taken by camera sensor to sense the scene you are attempting to capture. So, longer the shutter speed, distorted is the image captured. Small aperture in camera phone also keeps users away from good photography. Aperture determines the amount of light passing through the camera film when the shutter is open. The larger the amount of light, the better is the image captured. 

So, a good “Camera Phone” must have short shutter speed along with adequate megapixels. The phone camera quality also depends on aperture, lens size, lens quality, autofocus sensor, advance mode (shot modes, scene modes, white balance mode, etc), image format, and image size.  So, research well before you select a Camera Phone.

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