Thursday, 30 January 2014

Trend of Smartwatch

Wearable computing device is trending now. The revolution of “Wearables” foresees a good market in the technology driven world.  After Google Glass, it is the smartwatch category, which has drawn attention of both media and technology bluff. Considering the usability of the concept of smartwatch, almost all top players including Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG are engaged in expanding their horizons.

A recent survey conducted by NextMarket Insights concluded that smartwatch market is forecast to reach a total of 15 million smartwatched shipped worldwide in 2014, up from 5 million in previous year.

Let us know in what way smartwatch can help us? Smartwatch is basically an interface for smartphone. One may make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, control music, capture images and record videos (if there is camera fitted in smartwatch), and interact with the phone in various other ways making it easier for user to use much of the smartphone without the need of actually taking it out from the pocket and bag. The smartwatch can follow touch, voice and gesture commands.

The real use of smartwatch can be justified while driving or doing things when your fingers are not free to make use of it and your sweet little smartwatch will do all for you with just simple command :)

Part of what makes this wearable significant is its functionality but another factor which has made it show-stopper is the style, the fashion statement. The elegant geek centric
  designed device has become center of attention among the youngsters and corporate.

Heavyweights such as Samsung and Sony recently set the trend of launching smartwatches along with the smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Z1). Even LG is going to release G-Arch smart watch and the G-Arch fitness band with or just after the release of its flagship LG G3. With the release of G-Arch fitness band, LG is ready to set the trend of yet another wearable gadget, which will be your fitness tracker apart from being a sweet angel that can interact with your phone.  Apart from phone makers, there are other conglomerates including Adidas and Nike who have jumped their feet in the corresponding market with fitness chip. They are aimed to capture the market share by providing a module to track their daily activity and motivate users to stay fit by measuring step counts, head beats, etc.  

The growing interest for smartwatch among tech lovers set a fertile ground for such wearable. 

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