Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Take care of your gadget in rainy season

Monsoon has arrived in India and it lasts from June to September, reaching its full extent in the months of July & August. While we appreciate the rain as it is bliss after scorching summers, precautions should be taken to ensure all round safety in your life. At one hand you wish to do lots of outdoor activities such as splashing in muddy puddles, taking romantic rain shower, enjoy playing football in rain, and ranges of splashing funs, on the other hand you fear of disasters going to happen with your gadgets

Here’re are some useful tips that can let your gadget breathe after it has been splashed: 

Switch off: You should switch off your gadget as soon as you realize water has entered your device. In fact, you should switch off your device before moving out in rain. 

Remove battery: Remove the battery from your device as soon as you reach a safe place.        
Dismantle parts: Dismantle the removable parts of device. 

Shake well to remove water: Share the device well to remove water which as entered the inner parts of device. 

Wipe out: Wipe the water out with cotton or piece of soft cloth. 

Dry: Keep the device under fan to let it dry. You should not place it in string sun heat or under intense flame of light. However, you can place it in normal sun to remove moisture. 

Cover with dry uncooked rice: It may seem a weird tip, but it helps a lot. You should cover the device with dry uncooked rice. It takes away remaining moisture from the device. You should left it for at least 1 hour. 

Wipe out: Wipe the device carefully after taking it from the pile of rice.  

Wait for few minutes: Don’t rush to switch it on! You should wait for some time; say 30 minutes to switch in on. 

There is very high chance that you can save your darling gadget from getting damaged after getting wet. 

Take Care of Your Device in Rainy Season:
  • If possible, keep a small plastic carry bag with you in the rainy season. Whenever, it starts pouring, you should keep the device in the carry bag. Your device will remain safe even if you completely wet.
  • You can laminate your device completely in the season to avoid entering water in its part.
  • You should rely on waterproof carrying cases.
  • You should keep the ports and charging points covered (most of the devices have attached caps to cover the ports)
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