Monday, 11 June 2012

Apple iOS 6 - coming soon!

Predicting something for Apple is always fraught with danger. The fruits of Apple can rotten anytime unless they are available to users. However, it is rumored that Apple is set to launch its iPhone and iPad with all new iOS 6. A few days ago iOS 6 banner was spotted at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) venue and it is a safe to assume that Apple's new mobile OS is coming! 

So, we can expect a new OS for Apple devices. It is predicted that iOS 6 will have a deeper integration with Facebook and may feature an improved notification system.

iOS will feature a new 3D map app. Apple developed its own map app to replace Google maps on iOS devices. However, it is sad to learn that the app may not be available for iPhone and iPad users in India.

It is also being talked that Apple is ready with new OS for its Mac, OS X Mountain Lion. As of now, the OS is currently available to developers only. Prediction is also going about incorporation of new features in iCloud.

Let’s wait and watch the move of Apple for its OS and new products. Apple is looking fuller figured and may proclaim new iPhone (iPhone5) or iPad.

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