Thursday, 22 March 2012

Apple to launch iPhone 5 in Q2

  • 4.6 inch LCD display 
  • Integration of NFC and iWallet app
After much speculation, international news agency revealed in front of the South Korean Mail Business newspaper that the Apple next phone – Apple iPhone 5 will be packing a huge 4.6" display. Finally Apple is switching from a 3.5" to a 4.6" display - drastic a change can imagine. 

Reportedly, Apple will be unveiling it in Q2. Apple has patented iWallet, so it can be presumed that iPhone5 may have the goodies of iWallet and NFC technology. 

UPDATE - 11 September, 2012
Most probably, the much awaited Apple iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12, 2012. Apple has invited media for "invitation only even" in San Francisco. This event is expected to be the launch of the next iPhone, iPhone 5. Its Apple fashion to call for meeting to announce upcoming product in the market. iMore, the Apple's blog also signalled the September 12 to be the launch date. The bloh has newsed that the pre-orders will begin on September 21, after nine days release date.

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