Monday, 26 March 2012

7 Blunders of iPad 3 – Apple’s iPad 3 isn’t “fault-free”

In a very short span, the new iPad from Apple received overwhelming response from consumers but it isn’t free from faults. It sets record selling of 3 million units in just 3 days of launch and now it is facing negative publicity because of some imperfections. Let’s know where the new technology angel – the iPad 3 is lagging behind in satisfying demanding customers. 

Heating problem – Large number of iPad populace complaint that the tablet heats up fast while charging. Some of the journos found the device touching the temperature of 47 degree while reviewing and comparing with iPad2, which was found attaining a temperature of 39 degree while charging. 

Network connection issue – The new iPad 3 is now companioning iPhone 4S in networking issue. iPad 3 reportedly does not y connect to WiFi networks smoothly. It gives a week signal.

Extensive charging time – Apple’s iPad 3 required as much as six hours to fully charge its battery, which is the longest duration among top tablets. However, this is also a book – the device has one of the best battery backup times. 

Bigger apps require more space – iPad comes with a retina display which has better resolution. So, the apps for this tablet will be bigger in size (MB) and thus, will require more space. As iPad does not offer free slots for memory for memory expansion, buyers have to go for bigger storage version, say 32GB or 64GB. 

Built quality - USA based warranty provider 'SquareTrade' alleged that the new iPad is fragile than the iPad2. iPad 3 can get entirely smashed when dropped from shoulder height.

No Face Time – Till date, Face Time is the best video calling app. It offers great call quality. The users are happy as they are not experiencing dropped calls, leggy signals, or out-of-sync video and audio but the new iPad doesn't support Facetime on LTE network.

No place for SiriSiri is a voice assistant app known for revolutionizing the way human interact with the mobile device but this hi-tech revolution is far away from this revolutionary element.

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