Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Facebook is on the up and up

Competing with hundreds of social networking sites, Facebook is standing ahead with more than 800 million active users. It is one of the major players in the social networking world. Launched in February 2004, Facebook, Inc. is on the up and up with its power to make the world open and transparent. It is interesting to notice that it is widely accessed social networking website through mobile devices. Mobile version of Facebook lets the users stay conncted anywhere anytime.

It is a great platform to notice what your near and dear ones are doing. It is a social utility site that lets people connect with friends, family, business associates and other interest groups.

Interesting areas on Facebook:
Update status: You can share what you are thing and get interesting comments. 
Add photo/video: Add photos and video you love to share with your friend.
Ask question: If you are confused, you can ask question and make a decision.
News feeds: You can easily check what your friends are doing on Facebook. All updates including status, photo/video updates, and question will get reflected on your wall.
Messages: Send private message to your dear friend if he/she is not online
Events: Make event and invite your friend for party, get together, or meeting.
Games: Play games. There are thousands of interesting games on Facebook.
Groups: Make a group and people of similar interest. You can share and seek interesting and intellectual facts.
Text chat/video chat: Missing your friend, start text or video chat if he/she is online. Your chat can be totally personal. You can also enjoy group chat on Facebook. 
Like is Superlike: Like button on Facebook is very popular. Just click the button to like the update, video, photo, or other content that you like on Facebook. This will make your friend feel special that you like his/her content. 
Notification: If you have a Facebook account, you will not forget the important dates. You will get the birthday notification from the list of friends.

The user friendly interface is attributed for the popularity Facebook worldwide. 

1. United States 155,981,460
2. Indonesia 40,829,720
3. India 38,045,000
4. United Kingdom 30,481,300
5. Turkey 30,473,280
6. Brazil 30,453,260
7. Mexico 30,121,400
8. Philippines 26,752,000
9. France 23,248,340
10. Germany 21,634,380

Be Thankful to Facebook! Your Facebook account will let you find your old friends.It understands your world and provide you full privacy. You can share your content with selected freind or hid your contents from selected people.

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