Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It’s raining MOBILE PHONES this Diwali!!!

Yes, it’s raining mobile phones this Diwali. Online and offline mobile phone retailers are offering great deals on mobile phones. However, online retailers are offering more attractive and lucrative deals on phones. If you are looking to change your old phone and get a new, avail the electrifying opportunity to get phones at very affordable price. It’s been buzzed that saholic.com is offering great deals to its valuable customers. It is offering mobiles at half rate with the purchase of laptops. This online retailer has recently added laptops. Introductory offers are very attractive, even for feature-rich laptops.

Saholic is also offering 100% cash back to its every 100th customer. One can check the 100% cash back winners at http://www.facebook.com/mysaholic


  1. planning to order A1 of Karbonn

  2. other mobile selling websites are also providing gift coupon, at one site i found buy one get one on nokia phone. Do Spice has any such offer?
    plz, inform on lovely2989@gmail.com

  3. oops! i missed the offer


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